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Financial Policy

We request that that the full payment be made after each visit except where there is a prior arrangement. In case a treatment is going to cost more than $300, we offer a number of financial options.

The insurance amount you are eligible for is based on the plan that has been chosen by your employer. Though a number of dental services are covered by insurance, many of them aren't. Our office will file the insurance claim on your behalf and we do everything within our reach to ensure you get maximum insurance benefit.

In case the payment has not been made at the time the service was provided, the insurance benefits will have to be assigned to us. Most plans do not cover the entire claim and we request that your estimated portion be paid on the same day you receive the services.

Regardless of which insurance benefits you are eligible for, it is your responsibility to clear the entire balance once you receive our office statement. In most instances, it takes insurance companies up to 30 days to clear your claim amount.

In case there is any unpaid balance, you will be charged interest on a monthly basis. If there is a delinquency on an account, it will then be turned-over for collection. All the costs of collection, inclusive of the attorney’s fees (which will not exceed 15%), will be added to the account and the patient is required to pay them.